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star trek reboot meme
Just so you don't have to wade through pages and pages of me whining about life or try to make sense of my silly post titling system and inconsistent tagging practices XD

I'll try to keep this thing up to date.
ETA DEC 7 2011 : Currently out of date due to cat vs laptop situation (the cat won) and editing this thing on an iPad just seems unnecessarily PAINFUL. For now, "star trek" tags goes to Star Trek fic and "they avenge things ok?" tag goes to Avengers fic XD (or find it all on AO3). Sorry for the hassle. New laptop in the New Year is a goal!
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Art masterlist is down until I can figure out how I want to organize it. Click the art or fanart tags to find the entries. Everything not porn is available through my DA account.

Freedom 35 - Big Bang Art!

Done and posted! Now I can officially say I've accomplished something this month! (nano word count 7000 words! And I'm still on the first chapter. Of planned 8... Oy.)

My author this year was the inimitable stripedpetunia who wrote the fic that fandom never knew it needed. Yes, my friends, there is now a Star Trek/Trailer Park Boys fusion in this world. Let us rejoice!

I'm too lazy to do a preview (also I'm at work because I am nothing if not a dedicated and faithful employee) so mosey on over to the AO3 and take a look! I think the cover should give you a pretty good idea if this is the story for you ;) (IT TOTALLY IS. I LAUGHED MY ASS OFF.)

Freedom 35 - the Cover!
This Trailer Park Is a Shithole but Goddammit It's Home - the Fic!
Still an Itch for Heavenly Grass - the Mix!

I hope you have as much fun with this as I did.



A mostly accurate representation of my brain:

Blowing the dust off - oppa fandom style

I am doing stuff! Fandom stuff!

And crazy life stuff, obvs. Because life and crazy and Dani are incapable of existing separately.


I signed up to do art for Star Trek Big Bang again this year and in a remarkable turn of events unforeseen by anybody, anywhere: I am ahead of schedule. The cover art is DONE. All the way done. Complete. Finished. READY TO ROLL. Anything I do at this point is gravy. (And it's OK to not have gravy, sometimes it's actually better for you! Which means low pressure. Which means a higher possibility of wanting to do more!)

I started writing again. Something. I don't even know, guys. I'm having an absolute blast with it, but I'm pretty sure there's only two or three people out there that are going to want to read it XD

I have other art stuff happening! Me and mah Jill have an ongoing series of Dragon Age mini-comics detailing the adventures of our Wardens. She's a casteless dwarf, I'm a Dalish elf: together we fight crimedarkspawn and ruthlessly mock Alistair! DOWN WITH SHEMS!

We're also doing Skyrim Diaries, highlighting the wide-eyed confusion as our Dragonborn(s) make their way through the batshit world of Skyrim. (Dear diary, today I accidentally married a blacksmith and became a werewolf. Tomorrow, I have an appointment to ruthlessly crush the rebellion. I like putting cheese on Ulfric's head.) I'm playing a Khajiit and I will eventually get to the main storyline but for now I like running around and Shouting goats off mountains and backstabbing bears. It's amazing. (My battlecry is FUCK YOU, I'M A CAAAAAAAAAAAAAT! Because I am)

I'm working on a Batman mini-comic that fills me with glee and I have IDEAS for the rest of my Kink Bingo squares.

I think that's it (HA HA HA) - so, watch this space if you're still here? Or don't. NO PRESSURE. :D


A mostly accurate representation of my brain:


Now that I have your attention, I finally finished the art for my Pain square. linaerys and I have combined our powers to bring the pain to the hockey fandom. Yes, the hockey fandom. Not a word out of you, stripedpetunia.

I did the art, she wrote the (wonderful) story: Take me to the edge so I can fall apart. In addition to being a fabulous co-conspirator and a blast to work with, she's also much classier than I am. The art really is called Awkward Boner.

Click the preview to go to the full piece on A03 :) (It was way too big to post here and maintain integrity)

(Scroll down to the end notes for an extra dose of Dani Class)

(I'm sorry, and you're welcome XD )

A mostly accurate representation of my brain:

A lesson for us all

Dear scandalized cafe lady,

If you didn't want to be exposed to graphic tentacle porn, you shouldn't have been sneaky reading over my shoulder. I'm not the asshole here.

Love and kisses,


A mostly accurate representation of my brain:

Kink Bingo 2013 is under way and I've decided that I'm going to do some art this year. Some dirty, filthy, kink-tastic art. I'm also going to try to do as much as the art from fic as possible. Because I am lazy a giver.

For my guro square, because getting the hard stuff out of the way first means I mightn't blow my art wad early this year and actually be able to finish. It's like a hand job before date night!

From hoosierbitch's amazing, dirty, hot, wrong Kirk/Spock + Tentacle fic "in a new light" (read at:AO3 or LJ. Author warnings: Nonconsensual tentacle sex, multiple penetration, fisting, dubious consent, mind control.)


Art Warnings: Nonconsensual tentacle sex, tentacles, penises, tentacles that look like penises, suggestive rock formations, shamelessly exploitative shredded clothing, creepy Spock, artist can't draw feet

So NSFW. I am not kidding.Collapse )

Wow, it's been long enough that I'm going have to look up community appropriate posting formats. Heh.

<3 to hoosierbitch for being so... inspiring. ;)

Is this thing on?

Poking my head out from under my rock of hiatus to curse janice_lester to the fiery depths of Mount Ngauruhoe (selected for convenient NZ location and because the last three letters are hoe which is NOT AT ALL what I'm secretly calling her in my head).

subspace / headspace dirty talk body inflation power exchange scars / scarification
pain roleplay leather / latex / rubber guro nippleplay / tit torture
rough body play penance / punishment wildcard prostitution / sex work situational humiliation
confined / caged class fantasies medical kink gags / silence object penetration
mirrors / doubles verbal humiliation tentacles tears wet messy dirty

It's kink bingo time again and it's been a looooooooooooooong time since I did any fandomy type stuff and I kind of miss it, a fact which janice_lester has shamelessly exploited to get me to sign up.

I'm intrigued by the pain, roleplay, latex/leather, guro, nippleplay line as well as scars, nippleplay, situational humiliation, object penetration, wet/messy/dirty one. A bunch of these can also be conveniently combined for one massive pornado or lovingly explored in uncomfortable amounts of detail depending on the muse.

I have until October 31, which is nice as deadlines make me twitchy (see all failed attempts to complete a Big Bang challenge) and I can art, write, or remix at will. Since original characters are allowed this year, if I completely bork any likenesses NOBODY NEEDS TO KNOW. My plan is sheer elegance in its simplicity! (note to self - Middleman fanart should happen)

In conclusion: DAMN YOU JANICE LESTER and Hi! Maybe art soon?

Hope you're well, if you're still here. <3

ETA - LJ's new posting format doesn't want to let me tag things. Plus ce qui change, amirite?

Short Update - Officially Crazy

It's been a busy/hectic/awful few months for me.

I had a breakdown in October and the resultant string of appointments and consultations have led to a diagnosis of co-morbid ADHD and Bipolar 1 Disorder. One's scary, one's not.

The ADHD was actually a relief. Finding out there are reasons for why I'm always late, perpetually disorganized, easily bored and frustrated was an enormous weight off my mind. It also means that I didn't have to just live with these things, there are things I can do to manage them; I can be fixed!

The bipolar on the other hand... Well, I don't like everything about myself, but I also don't hate everything about myself, and some of the things that pigeon hole me into the bipolar category are among the few things I treasure about my stupid, jerkwad brain. Accepting this diagnosis and treating it is going to challenge everything I know about myself and the way I think I am.

It's terrifying.

But so is the suicide rate among the bipolar population. Looking back, I really don't like the trends I've seen in myself and my thoughts over time. It's been getting harder and harder for me to pull myself through my lows, and while I do think there's a lot of intersection between my depressive periods and genuinely shitty things happening to me, I'm also not able to rule out bipolar disorder with enough confidence to continue refusing pharmacological treatment.

Worse comes to worst, medication doesn't work for me and I'm back where I started, trying to white-knuckle my way through life with varying degrees of success. If it does work, though? I can't even imagine what that will look like for me.

I'm recommitting to healthy living with a special emphasis on brain foods and relaxation (i.e Yoga, meditation, and ugh, fish oil supplements. How do you even? They're monstrous!) to supplement the medication(s) I'm going to be taking.

I'll have a really boring "this is me on bipolar" blog set up and running sometime within the next week. Let me know if you're interested and I'll send you a PM with the address.

So that's me right now. Officially crazy (twice over!), but cautiously optimistic. Not really looking forward to the hyper-awareness and chronicling I'm going to have to do over the next few months, but wev. It's part of the process that supposedly gets easier and it will be useful to have a touchstone for monitoring improvement. I kind of wish I had a PA for my brain like I do at work...


No, that would be abusing my authority. Bad, Dani.

I'm going to be engaging in self care for the next few months and likely to remain quiet, but I'll try to check in with you guys periodically.

Be well :)

A mostly accurate representation of my brain:


BRB, Dragon Age.

Blame starpanties.

Also, life.

Be well!

A mostly accurate representation of my brain:


The Pacific Northwest, with its plentiful craft beer, eclectic music scene and mild weather, has always been one of my favourite parts of the US. I've entertained notions of living there maybe, someday, in the home of the Rogue brewery, Powell's bookstore and the Funhouse metal bar. Me and the PNW were pretty much geo-bros.

Until now.

They found a new species of spider. With raptor-like claws. Defined as a "highly refined and specialized predator". Which has apparently evolved right out of my every nightmare.

THEY ARE CALLING IT THE TROGLORAPTOR. (which is objectively cool, and I object to spiders being cool in any way!)

The best part? They have no idea how many of them there are.

A mostly accurate representation of my brain:

Random things that make me happy:

-Danny Mahealani exists in TW and marguerite_26 recced some lovely Danny/Stiles fics, which prompted me to go on a Danny/Stiles bender last night and therefore find Buoyancy by ethrosdemonforreal which made me grin like a little kid for hours, because Danny. He is scripted in this fic as the easy-going, roll-with-punches, level-headed, genius and sweetheart I see in the show. Special love for how fleshed out and wonderful the author made his family. I had an Easy A moment while reading this fic, that is, extreme jealousy over a fictional, functional family unit. Love love love.

-starpanties exists and has been trying to distract me from the headache inducing hectic awfulness that is my job this week by feeding me Us as Hipsters art (link forthcoming)


-lousy_science sent me Lindy West on trolls, which was hilarious, heartbreaking, uplifting and insightful. Which is a lot for one 11 minute vid (deals with internet harassment and fat shaming)

-Katie Makkai's poetry slam "Pretty" floors me every time I watch it.

-I think I've seen all the Gangnam Style parodies now and I've got some sweet new dance moves to bust out next time I hit the clubs (this brings us up to 6 dance moves! A 50% increase in Style AND Flow!)

-The Klingon Style video led me to discover Comediva and I have been enjoying the shit out of the BAMF Girls Club. Hermione, Katniss, Lizbeth, Michonne, Buffy and Bella star in a Reality TV show a-la-Big-Brother. Amanda Troop's Hermione is easily my favourite, but Katniss and Michonne have a warrior-badass bond that's a lot of fun to watch.

-My Bejewelled ap (shut up) has a bonus game called Diamond Mine and I get really geekily excited about how the rocks get harder to destroy the further down you "dig". I am a giant fucking nerd, she says, surprising absolutely no one.

-I think essays are going to continue being a thing. I have a lot of ideas and things to talk about and lack the creative spark to communicate them with any subtlety through fiction, so... there will be (more) ranting. Head's up?

-I have another beta notes post mostly ready, only I also have more stuff to beta which could potentially be added to post, so I am hovering in indecision. It is very sexy indecision because I chew my bottom lip and my eyelid is swollen due to some as-of-yet unknown allergy so it looks like I am giving the bedroom eyes to gdocs. That saucy minx. All collaboratively editable with easy touchscreen formatting options for when I'm too lazy to sit at a desktop. Oh yes, I will work with you, gdocs. I will work you SO HARD and then invite my friends in so they can play too. And you'll love it, gdocs. Oh, yeah. Rawr.

-I have an interview next week to begin volunteering for a local youth shelter that has one of the most amazing support and outreach models I have ever seen. I am really, really excited to be a part of this.

-It is fall, which means I get to wear my awesome, comfy sweaters again. Yesterday I wore my grey plaid jacket over a fleecy over a sweater over a blouse over a cammy. I was gloriously insulated and practically invulnerable beneath my many layers of comfort and warmth. I love layers. And bouncing off walls.

-COMPLETELY UNRELATED, the new coffee at work is delicious. >.>


Fuck Yeah - Meta Rec!

janice_lester has posted her wonderful kink bingo meta on media representations of wheelchair users, specifically with regards to how to stop fucking it up. She does an excellent job of laying out specific issues with recent fails + 1 success (fandoms cited: X-Men: First Class, Supernatural season 5/6, Dark Angel, Heroes, Glee, Star Trek) AND offers helpful suggestions on how to Fix It while being amusing, insightful and informative. Because she is awesome like that.

The entire post is filled with practical information on how wheelchairs work, the differences between wheelchair types, customization options that make each wheelchair as unique as its user, hilarious picspams featuring inventive uses of a Captain Pike action figure, humorous speculations of the real world impacts of the poor fit/function shown by the worst offenders (quote: "it's just... clumsy and awkward and slow and she'd probably die if she went anywhere near a steep hill. "), and is informed by the perspective that wheelchairs are mobility devices that make the world accessible to their users and that is fucking awesome and deserves to be Done Well.

Go. Go now. Because Sexy Actors Deserve Sexy Wheelchairs and you deserve to read this post!!


A mostly accurate representation of my brain:

I was reading a fic recently that had an aside when the main character was baffled as to why people went to the emergency room with "minor" complaints. It's not the first time I've heard this complaint, and I wince every time that I do, so I figured I could maybe offer some perspective as a former Abuser of the Medical System (tm).

On being on your own, broke and sick.Collapse )

I'm supposed to be packing

I'm going to the NOCTIS metal festival AND conference tomorrow (and those words in that combination just give me the most delightful mental images of hungover headbanging hair bands presiding over panels catered with finger sandwiches and petit fours. I can't wait!) but I'm reading fic and playing scrabble instead of packing, because reasons.

Namely, it's been a fuck awful week of too damned busy and head-splodey rage (more on this another day. Key words for reminder: IF YOU SAY SO). I've been working 12-13 hours days packed with spreadsheets and stupidity and getting home too late to take my sleeping pills means I've been running largely on caffeine and spite all week. Not happy.

So, since I don't actually have to be on the road tomorrow until 10am, I have claimed this night for sloth and slackery. Huzzah.

(And laundry at some point. My work blouses are not my attire of choice for a metal festival. Even if there is also a fancy-pants conference aspect to consider.)

Anyway, I found Say Something by onrooftops and while the whole story has some lovely messages regarding grief and loss and features a very wise incarnation of Stiles Stilinski that I really dug, there was one section that moved me almost to the point of tears.

"And it began eating away at her, and it was inside her, you know, and it's so hard to hate something inside a person without beginning to hate them a little, too."

And just, yes. This. Seriously. This.

I can't fully articulate how much this resonated with me, but it makes me think of my mom and her illnesses and addictions and all of the guilt and resentment I've carried towards them and her over the years. This is the closest I've ever been to having it put into words.

Even if I hadn't found the story engaging and the right kinds of silly and angsty (which I did), I think I would have loved it just for this one line.

Anyone else have a story like that? Care to share?

Why I Love Engineers

One of my customers has been ignoring my emails today, which is very out of character. It's not anything particularly urgent, but I decided to follow up with a phone call.

Turns out that they've been in the back all afternoon celebrating the arrival of their prototype robot by programming it to pour the beer. As you do.

The future, my friends, is excellent.

(There's a fic in here somewhere. Possibly a Scotty-centric Academy story?)

A mostly accurate representation of my brain:

All of the boggles

I found a website called The Woman and the Dragon today. The byline?

finding freedom from feminism in faith and family

It's... ah... something.

Something special.

I suggest reading if you've ever wanted to experience the feeling of your brain trying to actively escape your body, but don't like taking drugs.

Check it out. [TW: slut shaming, misogyny, pearl clutching]

A mostly accurate representation of my brain:

Mini Rant

I fucking loathe the term wife beater to refer to a sleeveless shirt.

It's a joke, I get it. Because beating your wife is hilarious. No, wait, I have it all wrong! It's a joke on the guys who beat their wives! Right, of course! That's why guys wear them and laughingly refer to them as wife beaters. It's "ironic"! No, wait, I'm not seeing the joke there.

No, no, no, it comes from movies and TV shows when someone noticed that the bad guys were always wearing sleeveless shirts when they beat their wives. Usually gangsters, or criminals, or "white trash" hicks on Cops. {ETA to include quotes around white trash, I recognize that this is a gross and classist slur and I did not want to imply endorsement. I'm sorry that I wasn't clear about that. Thanks to tbelle on Tumblr for pointing it out.)

Oh! I see. It's a joke about how only criminals and poor people beat their wives!

Nope. Still not funny.

Some alternate suggestions:
-tank top
-sleeveless shirt
-muscle shirt
-singlet (UK use)
-Athletic shirt, or A-shirt (ht emmypenny)
-vest (UK usage)

Anything but wifebeater. FFS. Please.

A mostly accurate representation of my brain:

You can blame hardticket for this


The AU in my head goes like this:

Scott: "Your majesty, Stiles is in love"

Sheriff King Stilinsky: With a HUMAN??

Scott: Uh... no. Not quite. Probably a bit worse. Than that. Maybe.

H/T to hardticket for THIS:

The rest of the blame is for stripedpetunia You know what you did.



A mostly accurate representation of my brain:

Weekend Plans

I have the urge to go to a bunch of random fast-foody type places and fill out job applications, promising them that I'll probably show up most of the time and am willing to sleep my way to the top. I'm curious as to how many call backs I will get.

stripedpetunia is on her way to visit and probably won't talk me out of it. With enough beer, she'll probably join me.

We should do it. For SCIENCE. I could publish the results as some of job market survey and a study in desperation.

...Shit, if I pitch it the right way, I can probably get a government grant.


A mostly accurate representation of my brain:

Who's this?

the cereal *is* the prize

Time is a fluid concept (but there is a format)

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A mostly accurate representation of my brain

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